And Punching the Clown 2016

Malang is a satirical singer Henry Phillips LA lured experienced television producers decide when to make a show about the life of a loser. Henry Phillips unfortunate satirical songwriter for La lure well-known television producer Jay Warren, who want to fight, to show the life of a contractor. When Jay Henry bomb at a local club, he is convinced that this story must be told. old friend Jillian musician, and goodwill, but the manager of the sub-parEllenPinsky help Henry irautengorabeheren LA life,and even give a clear dream of Hollywood. As one of the major television networks, but committed, he must decide whether his legacy joke, or being the butt.

Comedian Henry Phillips in Los Angeles attract well-known television producer and songwriter Jay Warren, who wants to make a TV series about the players to fight. Jillian old friends and good music manager Ellen PinskyZ intention to use Henry gorabeherenHollywoodekoterus continues. But the major television networks involved inThe event, Henry must decide whether his legacy will be the butt of jokes or make them.