Atomic Blonde 2017

Atomic BlondeLorraine Broughton, secret levels MI6 spy, sent to Berlin during the Cold War, to investigate and ruthless spy, that he had just killed an undercover agent for unknown reasons. In addition, it will return a list of missing double agents. Zatoka his visit, yeyealiuliza conjunction with the main train station in Berlin Devid Percival in uneasy alliance.

Language: English

Other, N.

General Release Date: 27 May 2017

Type: Thriller

Time: Not Available

Distributor: TGV Photos

Starring:Charlize Theron, Dzheims Makevoi, John Goodman, Sofiaboutella

Director: David Leitch

Format: P2

Agent Lorrein Broughton (Charlize Theron) equal parts Spicraft, corruption and wild, ready to deploy any of its ability to survive in impossible. Posted only in Berlin, to find the necessary files into kudhoofishamji, cooperating with the main center introduced David Percival (Dzheims Makevoi) navigate your way through gulniushpionav fatal.

Secrets of MI6 sent to Berlin during World WarCold and colleagues istražiubistvo agent and restore missing list of double agents. Pearl Secret IntelligenceHuduma of the Most High, agent Lorrein Broughton (Theron) its rightful place Spicraft, corruption and barbarity, ready to deploy any of its ability to survive in this can not bitimisija. Sent to Berlin to record the value of the city very calm, cooperate and kuukutekelezwa DavidamPersilvalia center (Dzheims Makevoi) navigate your way through the worst of the spy game.