Bombermaaan 1.4

Bombermaaan is an open-bodied classic Bomberman game, developed in the 80’s for the NES.

The best thing about this new version is that it fully respects the design, graphics, sound and gameplay of the original title. Bombermaan see you as a small figure trapped in a maze, launch bombs to clear the road and kill their opponents. As you progress through the levels you will find many power-ups that will help you with your mission: ExtraBomby, morePower, higher speed, distance controlled bomb, and so on.

Bomber Moon can play up to 5 people at the same time, using the keyboard or a joystick. Keys can be defined in the game option menu. In Bombermaaan only 8 levels, but you can download additional packages with 150 levels the developers website.

If you are used to modenpermainan, of course you will find Bombermaan quite limited. But for everyone in the 80s iWtedy played itVideo games, sweet, fun way to remember the good times.

Bomber Moon returns to life to bring the classic Bomberman game with a very faithful version that can be upgraded to 150 levels.