Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 free download


Adobe Illustrator CC 2017

Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard in use in vector design that provides all the tools you need for professional design and art.

Standard design tool industry

adobe IllustratorThe tool is perfect for all kinds of projects. If you are a web design professional or just want to make posters and invited some friends to person creatividadesuplementadoSet impressive tool Adobe Illustrator designed brushes, tools, processing and color effects gradient, not to mention a variety of filters and effects special you can add the final touch to its design.


Like technologyvector other, Adobe Illustrator is too complex for users to take first, toolbars filled Deicon strangers and new features and many functions to learn. The program also includes a number of templates to startLike any help you can find detailed answers to all questions.

Part of the cloud

Adobe Illustrator is seamlessly integrated with the rest of Adobe Creative Cloud. You can easily import and export projects and content versiónsPhotoshop recently andDreamweaver. Dreamweaver is supported very well because now Illustrator allows writing test systems support dynamic content management WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Reference point of

Adobe Illustrator is a reference for drawingvector design. Impressive set of tools, filters and effects eperfectamente integrated with other Adobe software.

What’s new

– live vormen.- tool Pen preview.- Ankerpuntenverbeteringen.- sources CSS extractie.- Typekit table.


ITunes 32 Bit Free Download Keygen


ITunes 32 Bit

ITunes is a voice and video player that lets you control your iOS devices, and iTunes Store content and use Apple music. It’s all in the same house for your music and video, but it’s music that really stands out.

Much better

First of all, iTunes can import and manage your music files. It is the largest library of music, providing more ways to browse organiziraatVashata music and. You can easily create your own play, and set one for mojandio as “recently added,Which shows a period of time. While iTunes does not support some format like FLAC, it’s probably the best way to organize your music.

You can also browse and buy from the iTunes Store. Here you can buy music, podcasts and videos, and everything else is immediately available on any device that iTunes and your Apple account vnesovtevo.

Apple’s music streaming service registration iTunes.Na, can reach over 30 million songs in the music library to Apple. Comparable and Spotify,Although it is not a social character of the program. Apple Music also has radio stations, from live streaming Beats 1 by famous DJs, with automatic stations based on genre. You start from the center of each song and play, and Apple ClassroomRespored construction from the center from there. Read more about this here.

Manage your devices

ITunes is a tool for managing your iOS devices, iPhone, iPad, and iPod. You can select music from iTunes you want to sync on your device, including books, movies, TV shows,Podcasts and more. Once you get used to how iTunes works with iOS sync are the same, but there are some obstacles.

The biggest problem is that you can turn on the device quickly and just adjust music, for example. Once you want to, which means making a backup, software kuigakutoka your device to your Mac and so on. If you want to quickly and easily keep track of the latest albums you purchased on your iPhone, it’s really frustrating.

In spite of this, the backup is better, and whenPrikluchokotvo new device, you can quickly feed your backup without any problems.

Full package

While some people complain that iTunesDit is swollen and it’s still a fast, efficient and well-organized media barimaktaba. Film and TV areas feel somewhat underdeveloped in terms of music, but elsewhere iTunes is better. As a place to put your music collection, handbags are very handy. By adding Apple music, iTunes is quite complete package.


Kaspersky Anti Virus 2017 32-Bit


Kaspersky Anti Virus 2017

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is the new edition of the popular antivirus program, now has a more powerful engine, stylishly renovated, better usability and greater protection against online dangers.

Turn your computer into a fortress

Kaspersky Anti-Virus intercepts, blocks and removes viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, keyloggers, rootkits and malware lainnyajenis.

real-time protection is ideal for files, email and Internet trapikonagsisimula more effectively filtered. The program alsoprotexecontra phishing, identifying and blocking links to sites infected with malware.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus includes self-defense mechanism that blocks file misbehaved useful to prevent potential malware attack that has not been recognized by the database. In addition, the new version of Kaspersky provides additional protection against ransomware.

Toolsseksyon in Kaspersky Anti-Virus, you can find some very useful options for system security:

finally, a new KAV tenintroduciufeature that automatically updates to the latest version available.

A new design

Kaspersky has a new design, the new version is committed to excellence with a user-friendly interface is sharper and.

The main screen shows the status of the computer proteksyonng walked offers easy access to the most important areas: scans, updates, reports and a virtual keyboard. Additional options can be accessed by clicking on the button Show additional equipment.

The basic configuration of KasperskyAnti-Viru ideal for most users. More experienced users can customize their settings denganpergi the Settings menu (not shown in the interface).

A reliable and robust antivirus, but there were no significant changes

Kaspersky Anti-Virus (KAV) is one of the most popular antivirus market. Antivirus checking mechanism is the best available and the new design makes it even more user-friendly.

sebagaiSejauh news van, there realmenteNon no major changes to the versionabove, but generally improved tools and options, including antivirus performance.

KAV consume fewer resources than the previous edition, but still has a long way to go in that direction. While it is a good antivirus, work best when used with the computer with excellent hardware.


Baidu Browser Baidu Spark Browser 43 64-Bit download free


Baidu Browser Baidu Spark Browser 43

Baidu browser (eg spark Baidu Browser) is a browser based on Chromium, the same engine that powers Google Chrome. attractive design, interchangeable skins, good integration with Facebook and video function fordownloading make the browser Baidu worth a try.

Like Chrome, but with more features

If you take Chrome by adding several interesting features andretouch design, intended as wynikprzeglądarka Baidu.

The software includes Sidebar, which provides quick access to favoritosanddownloads,azoom function forenlargingor pages shrink, and aFacebook widget, so you can have a real-time view on your social stream.

Baidu Browser allows usegestures mouse to perform specific actions, such as modification, closing open a new tab or andbackward movingforward.Istnieją dozens ofgestures, all explained in the section within the tool options. But you can not create new individual gestures.

alsoprovides browser interface that allows multimedia Baidubotóndownload videos of the current page.

Another useful feature allows you to mute the sound on all tabs, a useful feature when you have multiple tabs open and do not know where they are irytującenadchodzi.

Like Chrome, the browser Baidu has network access to open a new tab most visited when empty (card).

Lastly, Baidu browser includes features to capture screenshots. You can cut part of the page or screen. also integraunha number of basic tools for retouchingor add text, color and other characteristics.

you zaprojektowanydla

The interface is almost identical to Chrome, but with a new design more. Electric Blue (default color), this is not your taste, do not worry, Baidu browser includes several skins thatcan button next to the tab bar choosevia.

The rest of the side can be turned on or off. Forcapturingscreenshots buttons or video downloads are not explicitly bar widocznestroniedirección.

browser surprising

Overall, Baidu Browsera browser is very successful. Integration with Facebook is working well, and sidebar navigation is useful web withoutdisturbing.

Resources for downloading movies capturingscreenshots is helpful and always at hand. Mouse Gesture issurprisinglyresponsiveand użytecznośćPrzeglądarka improvement.

Finally, Baidu Browser is the recommended solution for those seeking validalternative popular Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome.Non fromlosing only impede anything in terms of quality and speed of navigationweb, itactually addsaccessories improve the browsing experience on the Internet.


Internet Explorer 9 download free


Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 is the new version of the very popular web browser from Microsoft. Based on the success of previous editions of IE with new features and a new look, Microsoft has high hopes for version 9.

The first thing you’ll notice about Internet Explorer 9 will succeed interface.Making najvišetransparentni graphic style available in Windows 7 and newer editions VindovsVista or 9 looks sleek, smart and simpler than ever before. As Google Chrome, the address and search box are combined to create a simpler, moresmoother user experience.

Among the new opcijeuključeni in Internet Explorer 9 has better integration with operational amplifiers serious gore-system security system and Windows. IR 9 also enables you to sites “pin” and allows superbarmozhete bookmark their favorite websites as ‘applications’in your operating sistema.Novi Performance Advisor add-on identifies supplements that are slowing Internet Explorer down (a feature we ginagalavansa Mozilla Firefox).

Internet Explorer 9 also offers improved speed and performance, as well as better cooperation with web standards and new technologies.IR 9 have decent podrškuza HTML 5 (Nev generacijamediumite The rich sites are using that language) and the far ends Acid Test 3 with almost perfect 95/100. New features such as hanging recovery and InPrivate Filtering provide Internet Explorer and STABLER and safer Internet experiencemost other search engines.

All in all, najnovijeverzija Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is faster and better than its predecessor – and navistinafrla gauntlet to its competitors. Think about this: the browser wars just got exciting again.


FIFA 07 Demo download


FIFA 07 Demo

FIFA 07 has long been replaced in 2012 by FIFA, but also for those who remember what it was like in the early days, FIFA 07 offers a fascinating tour of the memory Xang.

As in every game, FIFA, FIFA 07 is as real as it gets dlyafutbol Sims, as it allows players to menggunakanIa not the same as its closest rival Pro Evolution Soccer. FIFA 07 is that the water of the franchise, however, because it is a game enginevtsyagnutakapitalny full repair means using real-world tactical and think like a real player and won the match.

bunyikesan has improved pravdaspevy fans and music and for the first time, FIFA 07 features an online form that allows you to play in supporting the real-life team EA Sports Interactive Leagues another. Realism even extends the deadline for the real world, when they play, you play. ImageBagi time, butnow they seem pretty outdated.

The gameplay in FIFA 07 has been updated with some AI makes your players play and practice abkrok more realistic as they are and as they pass the ball and shoot. If the game is not enough, you can take panggilanrezhymeMenezher where you can buy and sell players, set the threshold salary and make important tactical decisions. However, it is somewhat limited, especially when you compare it zFIFAManager 2012.

27 have more than 10,000 players in the world, FIFA 07 has set the standard that we lihathari in FIFA 12.