CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6

CorelDRAV is light, attractive drawing and editing suite for professional design, vector illustration, photo editing and layout.

A large collection of tools to choose from

You’ll find tools in polniiNabor CorelDRAVGraphics Suite: CorelDRAV, intuitive vector illustration tools; CorelPhoto-Paint, a powerful image editor for all sorts of graphics; Corel PoverTRACE, raster to vector converter; Corel Capture, simple, one-click screen ulavianeinstrument; and finally Corel CONNECT, especially failBrauzerdizajniran to help you manage all media in the Corel apartment, computeror network.

Clear, intuitive interface

All applications CorelDrav are designed with ease of mind ispolzovaniiav. Not only does it have a clear and intuitive interface, Alion also thoroughly documented. Though created for professionals, advanced amateurs can benefit from CorelDravandall its features: clean workspace, customizable menus, many filters and effects.

The only thing we missed in CorelDRAV Graphics Suite ječvršća integration between all applications included in the package. These days professional designers and photographers seem to choose AdobeCorel products are more of them. But CorelDrav GraphicsLiuks undoubtedly excellent design and editing tools package worth a try.

odličankolekcija applications

CorelDRAV is an excellent set of applications for professional design, illiustratsiivektor and layout.