Address: Flinthook

Genre: Action, Adventure, Rock

Creator: Tribute Games Inc.

Publisher: Tribute Games Inc.

Date: March 18, 2017

About this game

Flinthook is a fast action-platformer with roguelike elements. Become the biggest pirate rooms with their Hookshot, pistols and slovmo life! Sweatshirt with a Hookshot powerful! The goal is to free and cast a lot of anchor gold rings to move the level at high speeds, giving you the flexibility and speed needed to avoid the enemy’s 360 faction.Throughhis blasma gun! Remove all kinds of enemies from fresh hot dogs! See really cool with slow-moving rates! Slow down time to adjust your goal or get tight to brake – do it often that full of real speed and makes at least 200% randomly collected pirate ships! Each level is unique because the boats are constructed of manual procedures, variants modified, filled with unusual treasuresAnd small casual waves neprijatelja.Loviti pirate Lords of clan cluster! Feed the compass to make the exact location of the bossesand then take them off and take them home to the Bounty. Your contenders have cosmic chumps, make Iouri ready for the challenge! Collect rare relics and powerful Perk cards! All that treasure loot builds its legend – unlock new Equippable privileges such as Bui, a constant upgrade on the black market, and collect collectorsLore relics and handTo discover the mysterious mystery? !! I do not know whether the game in this game? O_OAlreadi great fan? Download Deluxe Edition of some extra booty! Contains the samegame, Pop Artbook background set! 23-Track Pop Patrice Bourgeault100 + pages featuring ArtBooks characters, Concept Art, billboards, illustrations, drawings and other 4k-16 wallpapers collection! Flinthook Giant anchor background, devil, siren, space and creates an anchor!

system requirements

Minimum: Operating System: Vista laterProcessorOr Intel Core Duo or fasterMemori: 2GB RAMGraphics: OpenGL compatible cardStorage video: 300 MB free space