Flipkart Varies by device

Designed for the Indian market, Flipkart is a good looking application that allows you to share and discuss potential purchases with friends. Bar a couple of small interface errors that looks really good, but that’s all I can say because – in India, it’s the same helpful to me as the tobacco sales.

And if you ask, I do not smoke.

Clean look, a good touch surface

Flip kartfeitsiyi like other information on the market. You can go upAnd down sides lightly and firmly, and it moves smoothly. Products are listed by category and can easily be found or set several taps or search fields.

Users expressly presented with photos and prices. Clicking on one of them will lead you to the product where you will discover more information. These include location sellers fran dyvytysyaabo and the ability to deliver them to you.

Note: they defiantly outside India.

Remember if you have something inLeave your car, and the print message message requires frequent warnings.

Not everything is good

Perhaps the most interesting thing about flip carton social braces. All the elements that can make up the purchase can be with friends to get their opinion. It is clear that they must be in the service of good use, hoewelEk not sure that he used the SMS to build their contacts of their audience.

Again, if I’m not in India, it was hard to see, howeverIt looks like a great addition to the normal shopping experience.

The only real complaint in the youth from minor problems viddeyaki user friendliness. Conditions search function is uncomfortable to add, often demand I recovered there and starter, not the results. It should also be noted that sometimes on products theopmaak push information from the screen to it overturned would not allow.

to look good

If you live and have in IndiaFlip card, this information appears to be large. Moreover, this sotsialnyykronshteynygut look for digital shopping with friends.