Google Photos Desktop Uploader 1

Photos on Google – Google image gallery. You will find a copy of each photo in the cloud, increasing the impact and plan gallery directly – as if by magic.

Search science

Photos GoogleZastępuje on their previous Photo Photo application, which was created on Google+. initially had a lot of nice features, but updated – a huge leap in quality.

This is the photo gallery, which includes all the pictures and video, mobile, and cloud pichakuhifadhiwa in Google.

Photos on Google stands outfrom other programs Gallery with his mind. It can automatically cataloging images and group them according to when they took them, where one żePojawia in them. Search engine uses the latest image recognition technology, so you can use a search such as “table”, “Food” or “dog” to get accurate results impressive.

From a creative point of zreniyaProsmotr Facebook, Google, also allows you to convert your photos. Changing conditions not feature strong, however, as it offersVery little change filters or options.

Google Photos can also create GIF-files and pictures, collages and stories.

Clever but misleading

Photos on Google – a great way to catalog your images. Even if you have never organized their media files, it will help you find what you’re looking for in seconds.

aplikacjaZdjęcia Google integrates images from the device, album Drive and Picasa from Google. At first it may be a bit surprised if you are attacked and pictures from poolany location. It also may be clear where the image is stretched. It may be useful to know how sposóbjeśli began to happen arrest beautiful picture clouds, when not connected to Wi-Fi network, you can quickly run out of data.

Far from the chaos of the first, GooglePhotos’ is attractive and easy to use thanks to its philosophy of “Materialkubuni”.

gallery later

Photos on Google – Google another step that will help you connect to the cloud. Many services text messages and datanot stored on the device, and Google wants terazzrobić one with your picture.

Google Photos creates a bridge between the phone and the clouds. And thanks to its impressive automated katalogizatsiiVozmozhnostey, feels a bit ahead of its time.

However, the problem with any future technology is that it can kuwapia on technophiles, even annoy other users, as quietly drain your phone data. This may lead to the fact that many do not want to risk taking a picture of Google, soas long as it does not involve photos.