Moborobo 5.0

Moborobo application, which is designed to documents on iOS and Android users to control all of their phone.

One of the problems is that Android and wyłączać.Urządzenia venerable Apple iTunes to transfer files, but many users are not fans of the project is an application that helps the bloated said.

Enter Moborobo. This application is designed for users to control all the documents on its urządzeniach.Nie daedo not need jailbreak root – if you do not use your Wi-Fi functionswish. Moborobo see, you upload and download photos and video applications, and the tones are you in your urządzenia.Moborob the number of applications that can be uninstalled.

It can be frustrating if you have to run the initial Moborobo InstallDriver telefonu.Pełną as a list of devices, look at this list. Moborobo USB cable or via Wi-Fi users to connect to the foundation if daiteke.etekina is decent, but with a delay in response time.

There are also more download obrazówDzwonkisites and applications, but were not specified in the study. However Moborobo stable enough and nice enough features to make the application to manage files on the device is good.

In general, the application of the device to control a Moborobo. This is especially important for Android users.

The acceptance Moborobo

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