PC Telephone 7

There are times when the main programs such as Skype or GoToMeeting can take extra memory, or just too disturbing. In that case, why not use the features provided by PC-phone? As you might guess from the name of a unique package inimemberikan many of the same advantages thatand whereas the known analogs which require much less memory.

During international calls Sam

One of the most interesting points in relation to Pause PC budemoguts phone to make international calls at sangatpotongan price. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that there are other features includedstandard. For example, you have the option from computer to computer calls are absolutely free of charge and without having to serve. PC phone allows you to change the standard in personal computers ISDN (IntegratedServices Digital Network) phone.

Modern and efficient

You can sendfaxes over the Internet during a call konekcijestaza monitor the status of the account, and navatatrymlivats pleasure from this VoIP software on your smartphone. It padatmanfaat, if you regularly make calls via Internet or intend to communicate with clients abroad. Finally, there is a demoversion is available for testing before they intend to download the entire package.


Support USB teleponperangkat

It works with all USB, available on your PC to phones

USB-device automatskiaktivira phone

Personal notification sound on the PC speaker phone aboUSB

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