Quantico s02e18

Diverse group of recruits arrives at FBI Quantico base in Virginia. Special Agent Liam O’Connor (Liam O’Connor) informs that the FBI Academy – is the hardest training camp toughest graduate in one person. Some of the soldiers come from families FBI andereSievictims of terrorism. Whatever their reason for joining these recruits must complete only a 50/50 chance, and there is no second chance. In order for exercise and endurance fizichkaIspituvanja they must learn the art of issledovaniya.Ih first exercise – to findendie secrets of his colleaguesStudents – and everyone has secrets. This group is the best, brightest and proved, it seems impossible, if one of the new recruits is considered the biggest attacks on New York on September 11 work. Quantico produced ABC Studiosund executive producer Josh Safranov, Mark Gordon and Nick pepper. Season 1: Nameeach episode – the last word