Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is a military arcade style that allows you to fight with the enemy one by one. The game feels like a lame version of Street Fighter with the purchase of the good in the application you’d expect from today’s free to play mobile games.

pavolnayago roll

Combat makes or breaksMilitary and Shadow Fight 2imeet decent combat system. The first thing you will notice that the fight is very slow compared to the military as Tekken and Mortal Kombat.

Slow wrestling is not a bad thing, but vyDlya order to determine how to play. You should closely monitor your enemies, and plan their attacks.Mixing rabotaethorosho button is not in the shade Fight 2.

Forget about the history of the game, too. Developers are trying to string together a padabenstvagistoryya, but it does not matter. You have downloaded the game to fight.

Each fights reward you with coins to defeat the enemy, and you getdopolnitelnyemonety darpanena for long combos and fighting style. You can use these coins to kupitsnovaya armor, weapons and other items in the game. There is a premium currency that you have to unlock special items.

Wait. Battle. Wait a little longer.

ShadowFight 2 has a simple Management- Just two directions plus knopki- attack and stroke. Combine the two buttons with different directions of the stick, to create new movement.

The biggest problem with the Shadow Fight 2 ECE has electricity meter, which depletes every time you fight.You can either wait vymyarennyaprylada to be refilled, or pay real money to fill it.

This means that the shadow Fight 2 is best left to a few quick rounds of your workplace. This is not something that will sit and play at night. While manygames do, That does not stop him from feeling how quickly cash seizure when there are already so many, in addition to buying the game.

A decent time waster

Shadow Fight 2 should be shot, if you want a simple military to zekanomitsnekalki minutes every now and then. Nevertheless,the gameplay is not sufficiently convincing to get me to come back fro again.