The Promise 2017

It appeared in 1914. In the Great War, the mighty Ottoman empire collapsed. Constantinople times vibrant, multicultural capital on the banks of the Bosphorus, will be consumed by chaos. Michael Boozian, arriving in a multi-national center, a medical student decided to take time back iniobat Siroun, his ancestral town in southern Turkey, where Turkish and Armenian Christians, Muslims lived side by side for centuries. Photo journalist Chris Myers has only partially enchanted heropolityku.Vindekdeur to accompany his love Ani Armeniaia artist from Paris to the sudden death of his father. When Michael bertemu Anu, the common heritage of their attractiveness Armenia spark that exploded in a romantic rivalry between two people. If Turkey entered into an alliance with Germany and the Empire merekaetnis strong minorities, should delay their conflicting desires until they unite even threatening actions to destroy them survive.

Set in the second round dniOsmanskoyi Empire appointment mustLove triangle between Michael, a brilliant medical student, beautiful and menantangAna and Chris – famous American journalist in Paris.

Shortly after the patient to hospital staff, the police felt strange and violent entry, apparently related to a group of mysterious figures in the tent. When police Carter (Aaron Poole) mengungkapkandirendam in human blood fought on a deserted road, she directed him to the local lily nerve cut, the night shift staff. Like a raincoat, a cult likeFigure surrounded the building, patients and staff changes in the early to the greed frenzy. Try to protect korbanCarter take them away to a hospital where they had a big gate evil.