Total VPN 1

Total VPN allows you to surf the Internet anonymously. It is often an advantage, if you’re hoping for a movie, which is blocked in your country or if you want to see the hidden IP-addresses when downloading certain files. This application server lebih30 different countries.

The main features and applications

Number of VPN, the tendency to not save the file polzovatelyalog, because, in such a way to ensure complete anonymity. This software ookhoogs encrypted. users do notworry about their data to third dibacapihak or the public eye. With so many server addresses, usually very easy to choose the most suitable and the user can choose a specific server, if they wanted to surrender. Another useful feature of the software package inisoftware is that it is as effective as in public places like cafes or internet cafes. So, in time Internetebezopasnoe, and it has never been so easy.

additional functions

It is very easyThe number of VPN is used, even if it is the first time that sepertites system. incentive program offers unlimited data and creators claim that there is little rest. Supports 24 hours a day, if necessary.