Wolves 2016

Anthony’s stands out for its high school basketball team, Manhattan seemingly everything going for him a killer three-point shot, loving girl and a chance for a scholarship Cornell. But Anthony wants to play college football threatened his father flyingwriter, booze gambling threatens to disrupt the life of his wife and son.

18-year-old basketball star who works at Cornell University, seems to have found vseoni: kapitanJego team, a good student, has a long-term girlfriend, and some good …

See full summary zirkabasketbolu 18 years,Cornell University who works seem to have everything figured out, the captain of his team, a good student, has a long-term girlfriend and a few good friends. But at home he fights with his father who has a problem with addiction to gambling. His matynamahayetsya sohranitsemion the surface, but does so with great dedication, emotional and financial.