YAC 6.6

Another cleaner, known as MC, is an excellent software for computer maintenance and optimization, rich set of tools that are free, multilingual, and is suitable for every level of user.

Many utilities zabezpechennyamaksymalnoyi efficiency

drugpochista take care of your system,keeping it clean, fast and safe from any threat.

Under the house, you have a general idea of ​​the condition of your computer. zvidtyvy zapustsitsanaliz able to quickly optimize your computer.

MC sistemgjubre clean up your files, corrupted registry entries, cache, browser historyand more. It also helps to find and solve the browser settings, deletes reklamnei detects potential malware infection.

It will also consider all the plugins installed and identify all potencijalniopasna or harmful applicationsIt can help to remove if necessary.

systemyBoostoptionmozha use to speed up your computer by optimizing processes run automatically when you boot the operating system and configuration of memory and povrzuvanjeInternet.

Furthermore, the menu includesmapping function, history perezavantazhennyasystemy Manager software to track and removing rarely used applications (if you agree), network monitoring, and more.

Finally, another cleaner vkluchuvakorisna widget with two functions: first dozvolyayevizualno kantralyavatsi close processesvaluable memory and launches the second test your connection speed and advised that the software consumes large bandwidth.

A masterpiece of design and usability

dodatokmayechista and beautiful interface, and moreover, it’s everything you could want in terms ofusability: certain parts listed in Levscolumn, while the functions in each category very clear and well explained.

Number of tools proponovanyhv MC is great, but the simplicity of programatashto it suitable for less experienced users.

High quality luxury

MC is program optimization, which is surprisingly comprehensive, canto clean every part of your PKna high.

Performance is also top-notch speed analysis of large, resource consumption is low, and the software is pretty easy to use navatsamyya inexperienced users.

moreone cleaner is the recommended solution for cleaning, security and speed up yourcomputer, acompletely free package without annoying advertising that imanishto envy of the paid solutions likeTuneUp utilities.