UnHackMe 8.80 full download free


UnHackMe 8.80

UnHackMe First Watch AntiRootkit Boat! Now it is a tool! UnHackMe for detecting and removing rootkits (a new generation of trojan invisible trojans) is specially designed. Routkat is a hacker used to hide penetration and access access at the administrator or computer administrator levelNetwork for a program. Intruder installs rootkits to user action, or some vulnerability or cracking of a password using a computer. Bertanrootkit DoorComputer hacker to install a complete geeBeheer. Their files, registry keys, and process names,As well as network connections to hide your eyes. Your antivirus programs can not, like to detect compression and encryption using files. For example, the software is a Hacker Defender rootkit. UnHackMe allows you to detect and remove rootkits.


UnHackMe Pro includes special onesTools for detecting hidden deep rootkits.

UnHackMeProEvery users are unique and invisible to rootkits.

UnHackMe oopmaakPro CD-ROM or flash drive can do.

UnHackMe Pro license, you can use the computer user to check and remove the root kit.

There is noNeed a user’s computer to install UnHackMe.

No additional licenses are required.

Ease of use.

What’s New:

Enhanced detection and removal of malware pressure providers, EventLog viral applications.


Creator is compatible with Windows 10 update.


Unpacking eninstalleer

Do not fire

Copy the contents of the installation directory and replace kraakvouer



IObit Uninstaller 6 Portable download


IObit Uninstaller 6

IObit Uninstaller 2 is not to install the Windows Installer.

IObit Uninstaller 2 with a particular focus on the tricky software or Remove Programs. Every time you remove, you need to complete the process of removing the previous standard or Advanced Scan strong with the other elements arebe vydalenyz records.

IObit Uninstaller 2 is also potribnoTse removal option, which allows you to specify the path to the program for duzudesinstalatu. That is, it’s really helpful, even if they do not appear in the list of installed programs, delicate programs. Finally, Theres also a possibilityremove toolbar.

Udadatku these additional options to remove, IObit Uninstaller-fun to use other functions. search function, multiple packet programvidalennya opportunity to do so at the same time and, of course, Theres a variety of filters to remove installed programs,so you can squeeze duzuerrazago.

IObitUninstaller 2 Help is the only online and there are many configuration options Arendt. You can export a list of programs and controls recording of the previous uninstalled, but that’s pretty much it. Overall, IObit Uninstaller 2 features will be many Windows, built-inuninstaller, but if you shukaetsebolsh attractive interface and advanced Theres a specific program when the problems it good, effective option.

IObit Uninstaller 2 is a pretty stubborn uninstaller. The average user, however, may not actually be very useful.


Netflix 3.7 Windows 7/8/10 free download


Netflix 3.7

Netflix Video is an application that allows access to a large library of films and TV shows.

You Netflix application for Windows Modern UI Windows 8 and beautiful interface. On the first screen to get 3 and recently viewed videos Instant queue. Move to the left and you will see recommended videos, popular videos and Netflix broken down by species.

Everything works and video Lancard świetnie.Sterowniki looks great and is easy to use, the sakugusa, even if the application works well withmouse and keyboard. In general face off with Netflix and other apps. Movies and TV shows are arranged in a grid with thumbnail video or music from protests.

Netflix saves your place when you pause or from an application and received from other devices supported olehNetflix. That’s great if you want to watch on your tablet przejśćOd watch on the big screen.

Neflixpia helps a lot with Windows 8. You can connect to Netflix from any externalthe screen to continue watching video on a small screen while using other apps. Or you can have Netflix as a major application and other applications hidden near busy and Netflixtetingkap greater. All of the Netflix app can also be used in this situation a lot.

Overall, Netflix brings świetneFilm and watches TV in Windows 8, and 10.


In this update we added features and bugs fixed.


Fast Video Downloader 2 update Free Download


Fast Video Downloader 2

Video Downloader fast this can be a great alternative to other packages such as Google Chrome or Downloader Video Downloader Pro. This system offers many features and is similar in many ways to the better-known brands. Downloaded quickly and use the paid version allows all functions with a simple push of a button. If you want to store and view videos online resource withdrawals excellent option.

Advanced features iIzborat Play

designer hwnMae by video downloaderFast many functions in the user interface. You can record videos from sites like Vimeo and Dailymotion general YouTube (including HD and Full HD video). Many sources are included in a time of great advantage if you hurry. downloads maybe even that will take place automatically in the future unless they are presented his plans. You can also search for videos and add them to vashiyabiblioteka and copy and paste the URL directly in the video cyflymDownloader.This easy to use system requires minimal expertise and assistance ‘wizard’ guides you through the installation process information.

All software isfree Video Downloader, you download streaming video sites allvideosfrom much like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and more.

Millions of videos

All Video Downloader includes a search engine to find videos dumping and you can add the URL of the video you want. The software allows you to sites that perform chwiliohidloand display the corresponding results) as a list or thumbnails. You can see videos of All Video Downloader interface directly and even use the built-in browser to search, view and download videos.

Each video download extracts compatible with a large number of output formats for download only audio or video (AVI, WMV, MPEG, etc.). jeKies between certain pre konfiguriraninastroyki for devices (iPhone, iPad, PS3, PSP, etc.), and set the size and appearance of a llawmegis framesvideo per second, configure codecs and much more.

The free version of All Video Downloader you can only download two videos at once and convert only four.

Only to find and download the configuration of your video!

The process of downloading video clips using vanSoftware is simple: all you have to do in the first set of parameters and output format and then perform a search or bastURL the video. Added appeared in videos for download manager. And that,in short, all the software requires.

Practical, but limited to two simultaneous downloads

With the best compatibility with many websites and file covers, All Video Downloader is to select the option to download video. As dialog occurs drobovetei sparingly, however, the number of downloads at the time allowed very limited. It also notingthat software sometimes methullwytho down multiple videos. During our test, an error message appears repeatedly In attempting to download video.

aAll Video Downloader supports the following formats

AVI, WMV, MPEG-2, MPEG-1, MP4, MOV, FVL, charger, touch, iPad, iPhone, PSP, PD3, DVD


Total System Care Ver 2 update Download Free


Total System Care Ver 2

Total Care system is a program created to Safebites to ensure PC users working on speed and optimum performance. The software is compatible with various Windows operating systems, and is designed to be easy to use for people with computer science and IT kikubwamaarifa. Total Care System To a large extent, been tested to verify that it meets the most stringent performance standards.


Care system generally has a large number funkcija.Prvopossess sganwyr15ambayo focused primarily on the location of the computer performance that focuses on stability and safety. This means that you will be known errors and invalid keys that prevent the computer to run as fast as it should. Once the errors are corrected in this place mapenzikisha PC faster than the previous one has bought. In addition, this program is adept at identifying and removing potentially harmful cookies and adware programs on your computer that could leadto hackers or software defects virusakrađu dataa.


System for a comprehensive program that protects ujumlaCare computers from malicious programs and viruses, while ensuring better computer performance and speed of processing.


Synaptics Touchpad Driver 64 64/32 Bit update download free


Synaptics Touchpad Driver 64

Synaptics Touchpad Driver is the official driver for touchpads further away. Install it improves the performance of these devices and add new features.

Step by step installation, Synaptics Touchpad Driver adds caution animation taskbar icon, which will allow you to see the response of the touchpad and finger pressure.

Additionally, Control Panel “Mouse”, Synaptics Touchpad Driver adds a tab where you can disable the touchpad activarou (important as it keeps you from the moaina) and icon in the taskbar.